Preaching Stewardship (Oct. 2010)

Preaching Stewardship (Oct. 2010)


Join Rolf Jacobson, Eric Barreto and Mary Sue Dreier for a roundtable discussion on preaching stewardship. Sermons by Gary Langness, Glenn Taibl and Tania Haber will prime the pump for your sermon preparation as you consider this perennial topic.

  1. Preaching Stewardship - Round Table Discussion - Rolf Jacobson, Eric Barreto, Mary Sue Dreier
  2. Round Table Discussion Continued
  3. Sermons Introduction/ Gary Langness, Mark 12:41-44
  4. Glenn Taibl, Luke 14:25-33
  5. Tania Haber, Psalm 116/Closing Remarks

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