Prophetic Faith Starter Kit

Prophetic Faith Starter Kit


Many church goers steer away from controversy. They come to church to be comforted and comfortable; not stirred up. Others feel strongly about community and social issues but are afraid of causing conflict in the church. Prophetic Faith can help you transform your congregation from a culture of conflict avoidance into one of respectful dialog, engagement, and even church renewal.


This 7-session adult study and DVD establishes a basis for planning and action related to social justice ministry. It supports discussion and reflection, raises awareness, and builds communication and advocacy skills.


Prophetic Faith begins with four simple ideas:

1. Churchwide ownership of social justice ministry takes time.

2. The relationship between faith and politics is critical for social justice ministry.

3. Discussing social justice issues can be faith enhancing, healing, and life giving for Christian congregations and the communities they serve.

4. Effective social justice ministry belongs to the whole church.


Themes include:
    •    Private Faith and Public Practice
    •    The Church's Prophetic Heritage
    •    Perspective Makes a Difference
    •    Sowing Seeds for Justice
    •    Beyond Avoidance: Healthy Conflict Is Possible
    •    God and Emperor: Discerning the Dividing Line
    •    Strengthening Our Congregation's Public Witness.


Prophetic Faith consists of seven sessions designed to take 90-120 minutes, with optional follow-up activities. Adaptable for almost any size group or time period, sessions introduce the topics, explore biblical perspectives, and generate small-and large-group discussion, building participant skills and awareness.


    •    Participant Book- $9.95 (order one for each participant)
    •    Leader Guide- $29.95 (order one for each group)
    •    DVD-eight 10-minute segments (included in the Starter Kit) Starter Kit- $89.59 (includes one copy each of Participant Book, Leader Guide, and DVD)
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