The Church of Tomorrow (DVD)

The Church of Tomorrow (DVD)


Gordon (Tim) Huffman, professor of Christian Mission at Trinity Lutheran Seminary.

1-2. What's Happening to Mainline Churches? (25 min. each)

Using the metaphor of the fateful voyage of the Titanic, Dr. Huffman addresses the challenges and dangers facing the mainline denominations, especially the ELCA, today. He briefly summarizes the issues that have been identified and analyzed by scholars of contemporary church history. Dr. Huffman offers some concrete suggestions and steps that might yet be taken to avoid the downward spiral that has already decimated denominations similar to the ELCA. This is a loving critique intended to provoke serious discussion and action.

3-4. The Coming Global Church (25 min. each)

An examination of the astonishing transformation that has occurred and is still unfolding in our own day. This is a three-fold paradigm shift involving:

1. The demographic shift of Christianinty in the 20th century from a largely
northern hemisphere phenomenon to a predominantly southern hemisphere
2. The leadership shift that can now be seen in international church
organizations and is still unfolding in our day.
3. The theological shift that will affect the course of all theology in the future.

The changes in a post-war period are a reflection of the changes in the early church. The final shape of these changes is known only to God but they will have profound implications for all Christians everywhere. DVD

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