Let's Talk About Death

Let's Talk About Death


George Keck, Retired ELCA clergyman and former Admissions Director, Lutheran Theological Seminary, Philadelphia.

This course looks at the one topic we all must face as pastoral counselor and participant; and which we all must trust in faith for answers. The course searches for some answers and looks at ways to better equip each of us for this journey into the future and today.

  1. Do we have a denial of death? (12 min.)
  2. Is death part of living? (12 min.)
  3. Do death and resurrection go together? (16 min.)
  4. What can I do now about my death while living? (15 min.)
  5. What can our congregations do? (14 min.)

CD-ROM Study Guide included
*Archival Series: vintage material of excellent content and varying technical quality.

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