Expanding Our Faith

Expanding Our Faith


Mark Allan Powell, Professor of New Testament at Trinity Lutheran Seminary.

James M. Childs, Professor of Systematic Theology at Trinity Lutheran seminary and Director of the Study of Sexuality for the ELCA.

Textbook: Loving Jesus, Mark Allan Powell [Click here to purchase]

1. Contemporary Christian Music (23 min.)

This segment on “Contemporary Christian Music is not about music to be used in a worship setting. It is about rock music that is very popular throughout the world. Powell says that Christian rock is a “parallel universe which is not generally heard in mainline settings. It has it's own system of radio stations, concerts, recordings, etc. This presentation is intended as a vehicle for discussion for adults and youth meeting seperately or together. Persons not familiar with the contemporary Christian music phenomenon will learn some new things about the world we live in.


2. Sexuality to be Studied (16 min.)

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America has undertaken a large study of sexuality, with a focus on the issue of marriage of gays/lesbians, and the rostering of clergy who are in an established gay/lesbian relationship. This tape raises some issues that the church and society are considering. What should the stance of society be toward gays and lesbians? Is establishing a “registered domestic partnership preferable to marriage? If states do establish such a registry, would heterosexual couples be eligible for that status? What about elderly couples who wish to live together and for whom marriage is not feasible? How does society strengthen (or weaken) it's families?


3. Cultivating A Mature Faith (20 min.)

The essence of spirituality is loving God and that's what this tape is about. Dr. Powell's plea is for Christians to revisit their faith, not by blazing into religious enthusiasm, but by rekindling the old fashioned idea of piety.. Loving Jesus, and engaging in scripture study, prayer and worship is the road to mature Christian faith. Powell's book “Loving Jesus amplifies these themes. The discussion will be enhanced if the group leader and/or group members read the book.

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