How We Got the New Testament (DVD)

How We Got the New Testament (DVD)


How We Got the New Testament (NEW)

(This resource is in DVD format. If you prefer streaming Click Here.)
The basic question facing us as we look at the historical record is quite simple. Why does our Bible have a New Testament, comprised of only 27 books? 
This course will help answer that and other questions such as: 

  • Were the 27 books in our New Testament always considered special? If not, why did they end up in our Bible?
  • Were these the only books valued by the early church? If not, what happened to the rest?
  • How much of a role did the “real people” play in this process? 
  • Did our New Testament gradually emerge, or was it the result of 4th century decisions by bishops and emperors?
  • What role did technology play in the formation of our New Testament?

With the help of dozens of original graphics, this 5 session course will help you answer these and many other questions surrounding the formation of the New Testament.
Our presenter, Pr Greg Kaufmann, ordained in 1977, has been studying the formation of the New Testament ever since.  Pr. Greg has served as Assistant to the Bishop of the Northwest Synod of WI for the past 20 years and has been the Bible teacher of their Lay School of Ministry, since its founding in 1993.
Featured artist, Janelle Thompson, is a detail oriented creative artist working in watercolor, pen and ink, and wool to create unique images.  Along with the illustrations for New Testament class, she has done wildlife art, book illustration and needle felted wool sculptures in hopes of helping people notice the beauty of creation that is all around them.  She works from her Mad Cat Studio in northern Wisconsin.
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