Romans: Living Faithfully

Romans: Living Faithfully


At the very center of the Lutheran Reformation is the letter of the apostle Paul to early Christians in Rome.  Martin Luther wrote in his introduction to Romans that "this epistle is in truth the most important document in the New Testament, the gospel in its purest expression.  It is a brilliant light, almost enough to illumine the whole Bible."  


This 12 session course (30 min. DVD presentations) explores the great themes from Romans but does so through study of specific passages. Dr. Walter F. Taylor, professor of New Testament at Trinity Lutheran Seminary, Columbus Ohio, is the presenter. Great resource for congregational group study, leader training, retreats or Book of Faith Initiative!


The person who completes the course will gain a solid overall understanding of the flow of this important letter.  The participant will also gain insight into what Paul meant by the bad news of human sin and the good news of justification--how God makes humanity right with God, others, and ourselves. Much of the course is devoted to living faithfully as followers of Jesus, with the focus on faith, baptism, transformed lives, Christian community, and the role of women in the early church.   The study guide explores not only the content of Romans but also enables the participants to interact with the text of the epistle, the presentations on the DVD, and other class members.




Disc 1

Introduction (12 minutes)


1: The Critical Importance of Romans for Lutherans (30 min.)

2: Paul, The Eager Slave: Why Did Paul Write Romans? (30 min.)

3: The Bad News: We have Sinned against God, Others and Ourselves (30 min.)

4: The Good News: God Makes us Right With God, Others and Ourselves (30 min.)


 Disc 2

5: Faith: How We Connect with What God has Done for Us (30 min.)

6: Living Faithfully as Children of God: Baptism (30 min.)

7: Living Faithfully: Transformed Lives (32 min.)

8: Living Faithfully: In Community (30 min.)


 Disc 3

9: Living Faithfully: The People of
Israel, Christians and the One God (30 min.)

10: Living Faithfully: Women in the Early Church (30 min.)

11: Summary of Paul's Message Part One (29 min.)

12: Summary of Paul's Message Part Two (29 min.)


Romans: Living Faithfully from Select Learning on Vimeo.

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