Beginning of the Good News:A Live Performance of Mark's Gospel

Beginning of the Good News:A Live Performance of Mark's Gospel


The Beginning of the Good News: A Live Performance of Mark's Gospel (Price reduced from $49.49)

The first Christians heard the stories about Jesus; they didn't read them. This DVD, filmed live at the Lay School of Ministry in the Northwest Synod of Wisconsin, allows 21st century Christians to experience the gospel just as the early Christians would have: in performance. The performance takes a little over 2 hours.


Phil Ruge-Jones, Associate Professor of Theology at Texas Lutheran University, and member of the Network of Biblical Storytellers, performs the entire Gospel of Mark from memory. As the word becomes a living word, you will experience the passionate impact of the good news of Jesus' life, death and resurrection. The Gospel of Mark will never be the same for you!


In addition to the performance of the Gospel of Mark, this DVD set includes a CD-ROM which introduces to the viewer the importance of orality for the understanding of Scripture. The study guide is divided into 16 sessions to match the 16 chapters of the Gospel of Mark. The performance of Mark can be watched as a whole, in several large chunks or a chapter at a time.  Questions from the study guide can be adapted to fit your context.

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