Marty Stortz Sessions 1-6

Marty Stortz Sessions 1-6


Marty Stortz (Bernhard M. Christensen Professor of Religion and Vocation, Augsburg College) Session 1-6

I want to look at the Beatitudes in Matthew's gospel as a strategy for the mission church.  We're called by blessing, which is itself kind of counter-cultural when you think about it.  The beatitudes commission blessed disciples to be a blessing for others.  Together they describe a church that is not tethered to place, but bound by practices.  And the great thing about practices is that you take them with you.

The missional church is about the apostolate, a group of disciples that moves out in the world.  It's no longer the abbey, a place where people are sequestered, nor a campus where people come to you.  The missional church is discipleship - with legs.

"Called by Blessing:  The Beatitudes as Strategies for a Missional Church"
•    Biblical blessings: What They Are -- and Do
•    "Blessed are the poor in spirit....": The practice of generosity.
•    "Blessed are those who mourn....": The practice of remembering the dead
•    "Blessed are the meek....:" The practice of civility
•    "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness....": The practice of feeding the hungry
•    "Blessed are the merciful....:" The practice of forgiveness"Blessed are the pure in heart....": The practice of the Lord's Supper
•    "Blessed are the peacemakers....": The practice of baptism
•    "Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness sake....": The "corporal works of mercy"

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