Lutheran Heritage - Feb 11, 2008

Lutheran Heritage - Feb 11, 2008


Select's online companion courses provide wonderful input and support. The lectures for this course are given by Dr. James Nestingen, Professor emeritus of Church History at Luther Seminary, St. Paul, Minnesota. Dr. Nestingen is assisted by Richard Stewart, Associate Professor of Communications at Lutheran Theological Seminary Philadelphia. The online facilitation is provided by Dr. Kathryn Kleinhans, Professor of Religion, Wartburg College in Waverly IA.

This course is intended to help participants acquire a sense of history"in particular Lutheran history moving from its roots in Germany through the transitions into North America. The course structure includes watching the recorded lectures, textbook readings, posting essays online, and participating in a weekly online chat facilitated by Kathryn (Kit) Kleinhans.

Part 1: The Reformation and its Legacy

1. Origins (52 min.)
2. Luther Against the Past (66 min.)
3. Escalating Conflict (62 min.)
4. Expanding Vocations (63 min.)
5. Victory in Defeat (60 min.)

Part 2: Lutherans in America

6. Lutherans Move Out (59 min.)
7. Across the Atlantic (59 min.)
8. Facing the Mixmaster (62 min.)
9. African American Lutherans (28 min.)
10. Finding a New Home (56 min.)

Textbook: Introduction to Lutheranism, Eric Gritsch ($16)

Lectures, CD ROM Study Guide, and Text book: $155
Online Course registration: $155
Total Package: $310

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