Fretheim Explores Genesis

Fretheim Explores Genesis


This nine-session DVD series walks viewers through the book of Genesis, with Dr. Terence Fretheim, professor of Old Testament at Luther Seminary. An extensive leader's guide is included. Venture into the Scriptures with guide Dr. Terence Fretheim, a renowned Old Testament scholar and celebrated author from Luther Seminary in St. Paul, MN.
This nine-part video bible study with accompanying study guide leads us through the early stories of our faith. Fretheim Explores Genesis will solve some riddles for you, and confront you with new questions as this in-depth study takes on the book of Genesis. It is an engaging way to study the first fundamental stories of the Christian faith. With this teacher, viewers will grasp the wonder of creation, human relationships, sin, freedom, promise, and God's grace.
Fretheim Explores Genesis includes:

  • Nine 25-minute video sessions with Dr. Fretheim
  • Background material on the book of Genesis for the leader, including a brief outline of the book of Genesis
  • A comprehensive study guide with prayers, background info and discussion questions (they are photo-copy ready for your participants)

The sessions:

  1. The Morning of the World. Genesis 1-2, the story of the creation of the universe in all its wonderful diversity.
  2. Fall Up, Fall Down or Fall Apart? Genesis 3-6, the story of the fall into sin and its disastrous effects.
  3. God Will Never Do That Again! Genesis 6-11, the story of the flood and its aftermath, with a focus on God's promise to Noah and "all flesh."
  4. God's Unconditional Promises. Genesis 12-15, the story of God's call of Abraham and the promises given to him and his family.
  5. Sodom and Gomorrah: Intercession and Judgement. Genesis 18-19, the story of judgment on these wicked cities in spite of Abraham's intercession on their behalf.
  6. Children of Abraham: Christian, Jews and Muslims. Genesis 16,21 the story of how three major religious groups trace their heritage back to Abraham.
  7. Wrestling in Faith. Genesis 25-33, the story of Jacob and his family with a look at the various ways in which the theme of wrestling plays its role in their conflicted life.
  8. Women With Stories. Genesis 34-35,38, a look a the stories of three neglected women in Genesis: Dinah, Tamar and Rachel.
  9. A Family Reconciled. Genesis 37-50, the story of the sons of Jacob and how God works behind the scenes and especially through Joseph, to bring reconciliation to his family.
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