How Lutherans Interpret the Bible

How Lutherans Interpret the Bible


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Dr. Mark Allan Powell, is a Lutheran pastor and Bible professor at Trinity Lutheran Seminary,
Columbus, Ohio. In this seven session video series Powell invites you to explore seven important questions about Lutherans and the Bible. He does not prescribe “the Lutheran way" to read the Bible nor does he dismiss the way you may have come to understand the Bible. Instead Powell presents a variety of Lutheran perspectives for interpreting the Bible. Through Powell's rich discussions you will discover answers to questions you have always had about the Bible. Included with the DVDs are a CDROM of a robust study guide and additional support material. The study guide offers 3 suggested formats for use: 60 minute adult study; 90 minute adult study; and 30-45 minute Committee Starters for Congregational Leadership.



Session 1: The Word of God

Session 2: What Lutherans Say About the Bible

Session 3: Where the Bible comes From

Session 4: Interpreting the Bible in Context

Session 5: Determining Right from Wrong

Session 6: The Many Meanings of the Bible

Session 7: Devotional Bible


Missing the study guide? Click here to download the study material.



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