David Fredrickson Session 1-4 Nov

David Fredrickson Session 1-4 Nov


Nov 11/12 David Fredrickson
Luther Seminary

The Two Pauls: The Book of Acts Versus the Letters of Paul
Over my years of reading the Book of Acts I have been fascinated with the way it tells the story of Paul in ways that he himself would neither have recognized nor approved. Paul is the major (human) player in Acts. He is there at the stoning of Stephen in chapter 7, and the last words of Acts 28 describe his stay in Rome. But this beginning and this ending and all that happens between fails to show up in the genuine letters of Paul.  So what are we to make of the two Pauls, and which one can enliven the church of the 21st century?

Session one deals with the two ways Paul’s conversion was depicted (2 Corinthians 12; Acts 9; 22; 26).

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