Spirituality for Lutherans

Spirituality for Lutherans


Bradley Hanson, Professor of Religion at Luther College, Decorah, Iowa.

Are Lutherans interested in “spirituality? Amid the many books, articles, workshops, and programs touting spirituality, do Lutherans have a distinct approach to living the Christian life in communion with God? Dr. Hanson believes they do. This course will be very useful in adult forums, pastoral study groups, confirmation classes and as a resource in the church library.

Textbook: A Graceful Life, Bradley Hanson

1. Spirituality and Grace (28 min.)

2. Human Bondage and the Word (35 min.)

3. Physical Symbols and the Church (30 min.)

4. Church Traditions and Contemporary Life (33 min.)

Total Time: (2 hour 6 min.)

1 Disc DVD Series and CD-Rom Study Guide Only: $30

Textbook Only: $14

Complete Package: $40

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