Experiencing God

Experiencing God


Experiencing God


Meet the Creator who is flesh and spirit for you

Enter into an authentic encounter with a God who enters human history and transforms our destiny from death to life.

Ten Luther Seminary scholars and teachers of the church connect us with the God who is present as Creator, Savior and Spirit.

Experiencing God is an intimate glimpse into the heart of God that will help form a mature image of the triune God.

Session One: Who is God?

  • Our Search for God? Or God's Search for Us?
  • Let God be God
  • God the Creator

Session Four: Jesus: God With Us

  • Beyond Tragedy
  • Jesus, Once and Always
  • The Great Reversal

Session Two: What Kind of God?

  • Is God Angry?
  • Is God Father?
  • God - Father, Son and Spirit

Session Five: Who (or What) is the Holy Spirit?

  • The Spirit and Spirituality
  • The Spirit and the World
  • The Spirit in the Bible

Session Three: Jesus: God's Surprise

  • More Than We Expected
  • God Was in Christ
  • A Teacher and More

Session Six: The Spirit is Life

  • The Spirit's Work
  • Experiencing the Spirit
  • Signs of the Spirit

Featuring 10 faculty from Luther Seminary: Frederick Gaiser, Sarah Henrich, Mary Hess, Diane Jacobson, David Lose, Lois Malcolm, Alan Padgett, Steve Paulson, Matthew Skinner, Richard Wallace.

Six 25-minute sessions and eighteen 5-minute “kick-start" sessions on DVD, leader guide and CD-ROM included.

Produced by Seraphim Communications with faculty of Luther Seminary

Praise for Experiencing God:

Ten articulate and engaging faculty members from Luther Seminary are featured ... in a successful production that leads the audience in a thoughtful consideration of our basic understandings of the nature and character of God as Creator, Jesus and Holy Spirit and the ways in which God works through the lives of individuals and in the world.
I highly recommend this resource for congregations, large and small. As we seek to be faithful and invitational as a church, this resource can help us examine fundamental questions of faith and establish mission priorities infused with fresh language.
--Lutheran Partners Magazine


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