Nate Frambach Sessions 1-4

Nate Frambach Sessions 1-4


Nate Frambach  (Wartburg Seminary)
Session 1: Living and Leading in Systems 

This Friday evening we will focus on systems thinking and some basic concepts in family systems theory to help us better understand human beings--both individually and collectively. We will consider the emotional and interpersonal dynamics between persons as a way of understanding congregations as systems. The focus on systems thinking will be oriented primarily to pastoral ministry and congregational leadership. Each spring, when our graduates return to Wartburg Seminary for their three year reunion, one of the questions that we ask them is: "What elements from the curriculum have been most helpful to you as a pastoral leader?" A better understanding of family systems concepts as it relates to congregations is consistently at the top of their lists. A working understanding of basic systems concepts will prove to be very useful as you serve as a leader in your congregation and community.
Sesssions 2-4: Theories of Culture: A New Agenda for Theology, Ministry, and Faith Formation
Culture: a familiar word that rolls off the tongue rather easily, perhaps casually, as though it needs no
explication. How do we move beyond popular definitions to a deeper understanding of the notion of
culture for today? Three assertions:

  • The Christian gospel and culture(s) cannot be separated;
  • We live within a pluriverse of cultures;
  • Congregations are one of those cultures.

This workshop will help participants better understand the reality of culture(s) today for the sake of
faithful, truthful, and effective ministry in a missional age.

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