The Death of Jesus in the Gospel of John

The Death of Jesus in the Gospel of John


Craig R. Koester, Professor of New Testament, Luther Seminary, St. Paul, MN.

Three Sessions:

1. The trial of Jesus, the trial of the world (John 18:1-19:16) (63 min.)
2. The crucifixion of Jesus (John 19:17-42) (63 min.)
3. The death of Jesus and the human condition (80 min.)

John's account of Jesus' arrest and trial unfolds in several stages which are carefully explored. His account of the crucifixion recognizes that Jesus suffered a brutal form of execution thus raising the question of what Jesus' death means for us. Finally, John's gospel also includes at least four different perspectives on the meaning of the crucifixion which are discussed extensively.

Consisting of three lectures and a comprehensive study guide that poses provocative questions, this is an excellent program for congregational study and especially for use during the season of Lent and/or during Holy Week.

Total Time: ( 3 hour 26 min.)
2 Disc DVD Series & CD-Rom Study Guide: $40
*Archival Series: vintage material of excellent content and varying technical quality


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