God With Us: A Study of Matthew's Gospel

God With Us: A Study of Matthew's Gospel


Mark Allan Powell, Professor of New Testament at Trinity Lutheran Seminary.

This study on DVD is suitable for laity wishing to explore Matthew's gospel in some depth. It is also useful in groups of clergy.

This is a unique approach to the study of one of the gospels. Rather than study Matthew chapter by chapter, we look at key themes, especially those that are the heart of a congregation's ministry.


Textbook: God With Us, Mark Allan Powell [Click here to purchase]
For a Kindle version of the text click here.


  1. Introduction (40 minutes)
  2. Mission (25 minutes)
  3. Worship (40 minutes)
  4. Teaching (39 minutes)
  5. Stewardship (30 minutes)
  6. Social Justice (30 minutes)

*Archival Series: vintage material of excellent content and varying technical quality

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