Bouman, Peterson, Odgren Session 1

Bouman, Peterson, Odgren Session 1


Stephen Bouman, (Executive Director of Congregational and Synodical Mission, ELCA) Bishop Duane Pederson and Director of Evangelical Mission, Amy Odgren of the Northwest Synod of Wisconsin. Session 1

“The Biblical Roots and Current Reality of the ELCA as a Missional Church."

Overview: We will make the case for a more missional orientation given our context and culture, state the biblical imperative, provide some tools that folks can use with their own congregations, and provide examples as to what the missional church looks like synodically and nationally (successes/failures of those who have boldly stepped out in Christ's name to witness to and serve neighbor as disciples, as individuals living out their baptismal vocations and as the community of faith.

Session 1:
Bishop Pederson " State the case and explain why the missional church is crucial for our time and culture.

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