Encountering God in Scripture

Encountering God in Scripture


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Encountering God in Scripture
We call the Bible “holy" yet often neglect it.
Its humble origins worry us.
Its ancient world view sometimes baffles us.
Its claim on our lives challenges us.


This video series features 10 teachers of the church from Luther Seminary who help us understand this book as an encounter with the living God. They will lower our anxiety and raise our expectations. Listen as they grapple with questions; then join with these leaders as they lead studies of this amazing story of God's action in the world.


Wondering about the Bible: Ten big questions about the Bible
Ten 5-minute sessions plus bonus material
1. How did we get our Bible?
2. What is the authority of the Bible?
3. How do we use the Bible?
4. What are the barriers to reading the Bible? (Misconceptions)
5. Why do we read the Bible?
6. How should we not read the Bible?
7. What questions should we ask?
8. Should we interpret the Bible literally?
9. Who decides what the Bible really means?
10. How do we get meaning from the Bible?


Entering Into the Word
Five 15-minute Bible studies with teachers from Luther Seminary:
Dr. James Boyce - The Anointing of Jesus
Dr. Rolf Jacobson - Study of the Sabbath
Dr. Diane Jacobson - Book of Jonah
Dr. Matt Skinner - A study of the story of the widow at Nain from Luke
Dr. Sarah Henrich - The story of Cornelius from the book of Acts.

BONUS: While supplies last you will also receive a copy of A Beginner's Guide to the Books of the Bible by Diane Jacobson and Robert Kysar with the purchase of Encountering God in Scripture.



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