"We Must Plant the Church": The Story of Lutherans in America (DVD)

"We Must Plant the Church": The Story of Lutherans in America (DVD)


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When Lutherans came to America, they brought with them Martin Luther’s belief that people of faith engage the big questions of the day.


This story is characterized by the tension between honoring the European roots of the church and adapting to the new realities of American life. The Lutheran church, from its earliest days, faced religious pluralism, intolerance, racism, war, lack of state support and diversity of languages and traditions.  It wasn't easy then, and it isn't easy now. Understanding American Lutheran history can change the way we see ourselves and our future.


This DVD series on the history of Lutherans in America transports learners through four centuries of the planting of the Lutheran church in this new land. Henry Muhlenberg provides the title for this series. His motto was Ecclesia Plantanda: "We must plant the church."



  1. On New Soil: The Colonial Lutherans (21:19)
  2. In Times of Trial: Arriving in Waves (22:02)
  3. To Meet Human Need: Building Institutions (20:44)
  4. Working Together: Lutherans Uniting (20:22)
  5. In Modern Times: Becoming an American Church (25:23)
  6. Bonus Session: The Future of the Lutheran Church (8:49)


This series features some of the most respected experts on Lutheran history: Kathryn Kleinhans (Wartburg College), Mark Granquist (Luther Seminary), Maria Erling (Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg), Richard Stewart (Emeritus of Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia), Mark Hanson (ELCA Bishop Emeritus), Martin Marty (Emeritus of The University of Chicago), Gordon Straw (American Indian and Alaska Native Ministries, ELCA), DeAne Lagerquest (St. Olaf College), David Preus (ELCA Bishop Emeritus) and Vivian Jenkins Nelson (Senior Fellow at Augsburg College).


A comprehensive study guide is included on CDROM.

We Must Plant The Church: The Story of Lutherans In America [Trailer] from Select Learning on Vimeo.

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