Getting Down To Basics

Getting Down To Basics


Getting Down to Basics: Augsburg Confessions and Small Catechism
Textbook: Book of Concord, eds. Robert Kolb and Timothy Wengert, (2001) (click here to order)
For Lutherans, The Book of Concord provides the definitive collection of their confessions of faith, including the all-important Augsburg Confession (1530) and Small and Large Catechisms (1529).  This course provides an overview of the historical development of all the documents in The Book of Concord, as well as in-depth looks at their theology, focusing particularly on the Augsburg Confession and Luther's Catechisms.  Here participants will discover not only the basic doctrinal commitments of the Lutheran Confessions but also how they may apply in contemporary parish settings.  This course provides a lively, down-to-earth examination of such central Lutheran teachings as justification by grace through faith on account of Christ, the distinction between law and gospel, the theology of the cross, the church and public ministry, the sacraments, and Christian callings in daily life.  Here the students will gain new insight into the basics of Lutheran teaching and how it can strengthen their faith and witness today.
The students will:
1. Become thoroughly familiar with the Augsburg Confession and Small Catechism
2. Understand the historical and theological context out of which they speak
3. Discover new ways to apply these teaching to life in today's parish

  1. Confessing Justification (Augsburg Confessions Articles II, IV, XX)
  2. Law and Gospel; Theology of the Cross (III, V, XII)
  3. God's Two Hands (XVI, XVIII)
  4. Good Works and Christian vocation (VI, XVI, XX, XXVI)
  5. The Sacraments (IX-XIII; XXII, XXIV)
  6. Church and Ministry (V, VII, XIV-XV, XXVIII)
  7. Other Confessional Documents
  8. The Small Catechism: 10 Commandments and Creed
  9. The Small Catechism: The Lord's Prayer, Baptism, and Confession
  10. The Small Catechism: The Lord's Supper with Luther's Preface, The Household Chart of Bible Passages, and Liturgies for the Christian Household

Textbook: Book of Concord, eds. Robert Kolb and Timothy Wengert, (2001) (click here to order)

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