Service and Learning (DVD)

Service and Learning (DVD)


Service and Learning
Unit 2 of Teaching the Bible with Children, Youth and Families


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Service projects and mission trips are increasingly popular within households, congregations and youth groups. Yes, it feels good to serve! Yet, for service to lead to transformed, faith-filled lives, it needs to be informed and intentional. This unit offers approaches to Service and Learning as a way of life based on our call to serve our neighbor as Christ loved and served us. Participants will be engaged and equipped through hearing God's story, presenters' personal experiences, a theology for serving, research and examples of "how-to's" and things "not-to-do."


Are you wondering how to:
• Be God's hands in restoring God's world?
• Authentically connect households and the congregation with one's neighbors, locally and globally?
• Lead effective service and mission experiences that engage children, teens and their care-givers with "the other," encountering Jesus along the way?
• Equip all generations to know God's story and to practice the Christian faith at home and in daily life?


This unit is for:
Anyone planning a mission trip or service project * Youth who want to make a difference * Youth  &  Family Leaders *  Parents, Godparents or Grandparents * Faith Formation Coordinators * Christian Educators * Mentors * Book of Faith Advocates * Pastors * Mission Developers * Young Adults going into the world to serve * All caring adults * Companion Synod & Global Mission Teams.


Session 1. Who is My Neighbor? Accompaniment Locally and Globally
    with Sunitha Mortha
Session 2. Cultivating Lives of Service and Compassion in the Home
    with Marcia Bunge
Session 3. Engaging All Generations for Service and Learning
    with Linda Staats
Session 4. Serve to Learn. Learn to Serve.
    with Dave Ellingson and Mark Jackson
Session 5. Mission: More than a Trip
    with Peggy Hahn
Session 6. Bonus: What Does the Research Tell Us about Service and Learning?
Conversations with Eugene Roehlkepartain, Search Institute
(Click on the Session 6 title to  WATCH NOW!)


This course was created with the lay person in mind as well as the church professional. Each session is designed for 50-60 minutes of interaction: presentation of the subject, group conversation and reflection. Included are:
• A 20-25 minute video hosted and narrated by Linda Staats
• Comprehensive Study Guide for the Facilitator and Participant that enable the viewer to apply what they are viewing to their own ministry setting
• Extensive bibliography

Service and Learning: Introduction from Select Learning on Vimeo.

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