Mission and Partnership

Course Partners
Select Learning can work with you or your institution to create a course for the whole church/world. Join this list of partners today.

Augsburg University, Minneapolis, MN
Book of Faith Initiative, ELCA
Central States Synod , ELCA
Collegeville Institute
Covenant Cluster of the ELCA
Domestic Mission unit, ELCA
Dragseth family
ELCA World Hunger Education Fund
Evangelical Outreach and Congregational Mission unit, ELCA
Gustavus Adolphus College, St Peter, MN
Immanuel Lutheran Church, Eau Claire, WI
Lay School of the Northwest Synod of Wisconsin, ELCA
Life of Faith Initiative, ELCA
Lutheran Education Network and Support
Lutheran School of Theology, Chicago, IL
The Melanchthon Institute
Northwest Synod of Wisconsin, ELCA
Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary, Berkley, CA
Seraphim Communications
Stewardship of Life Institute (SOLI), Gettysburg, PA
Trinity Lutheran Seminary, Columbus OH

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