Susan Engh Sessions 1-4

Susan Engh Sessions 1-4


Susan Engh (Director for Congregation-based Organizing for the ELCA)
The Church in its Public Expression: A continuum of Responses
Session 1
Explore the various ways that people and communities of faith respond to issues and opportunities in the public arena. What are the characteristics, benefits and shortcomings of each approach? How might we broaden our repertoire so that we have the greatest positive impact, and faithfully represent God's mercy and justice toward the world?
One-To-One "Relational Meetings" and Six Practical Applications

 Sessions 2-4
The field of community organizing offers a great tool for building or deepening relationships within
our congregations as well as in the broader community. The one-to-one is a natural but uncommon
conversation with someone you want to know, or know better. It’s natural because it flows from your
curiosity and your conversation partner’s responses, rather than using a set of pre-determined
questions. It’s uncommon because it requires intense listening and courageous inquiry as you focus
primarily on going deep into your conversation partner’s story.

In this very practical workshop we'll learn how one-to-one techniques can be used in congregational
listening sessions, neighborhood outreach, and intentional visiting of community leaders and public officials.

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