Reformation Roots (streaming)

Reformation Roots (streaming)


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Do you ever wonder why we have so many Christian denominations and if there is really much difference between them? The answers to these questions lie in the dramatic and turbulent times of the Reformation. This high definition series brings to life the stories and struggles that still impact us today.  Each session is 20-30 minutes long and is accompanied by a study guide designed for 50-60 minutes of class time.


Featured presenters include: Martin Marty, Hans Wiersma, Phil Adamo, Mark Tranvik, Mickey Mattox, Victoria Christman, Darrell Jodock, Mickey McCormick, Ron Rittgers, Robert Christman, Laruel Carrington, Kirsi Stjerna, Euan Kerr Cameron,  Mark Valeri, Eric Carlson,  William Cahoy and Shawn Colberg.


Session 1: From Night to Dawn: the Stage is set for the Reformation
Session 2: From bondage to Freedom: Luther Rediscovers Grace
Session 3: From Scholar to Provocateur: Luther Takes on the Church
Session 4: From Priest to Outlaw
Session 5: From Heretic to Hero
Session 6: From Scholar to Father: The Domestic Luther
Session 7: From Simple to Complex: The New Church Finds Common Ground
Bonus Session 8: Luther’s Legacy
Session 9: Swiss Reformation: A Rationalist’s Revolt
Session 10: Radical Reformation: Revolution and Withdrawal
Session 11: English Reformation: The Political Reformation
Session 12: The Catholic Reformation: Reaction and Renewal


"Just a comment - The series 'Reformation Roots' was excellent; I presented it both in a Sunday morning adult learning setting (ca. 40 in attendance) and a Wednesday morning Bible study (ca. 30-35 in attendance) and it was very well received. Please keep series of this quality coming!"

William Hartfelder


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Below are 10 clips that can be used for FREE! Enjoy!

Why Study the Reformation?


Luther's Monastic Roots

Luther's Breakthrough

Calvin and Zwingli


Radical Reformation

Wartburg Castle

Martin and Katie

Diet of Worms

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