Road Trip Bible Set

Road Trip Bible Set


From the creators of the legendary Journeys In Faith confirmation curriculum comes Road Trip: The New Journeys In Faith. This is an engaging confirmation program. Filled with solid content and founded on solid theology. (Strong content but with some dated references to music and movies. In acknowledgement of that, the price has been discounted from $79.95 to $49.95.)
Created in two sets: Luther's Small Catechism and the Holy Scriptures, it is two full years of confirmation material packed and ready to go.
The Bible Set contains:

  • 4 DVDs, each holding six 5-minute video presentations.
  • 24 double-sided, copy ready worksheets which reinforce lessons, guide students through questions, activities and discussions, and includes a "Bring It Home" section to be used at home with family.
  • 24 double-sided presentation guides filled with ideas, approaches and activities to assist in the presentation of the lesson.
  • One 20-page "Operator's Manual" to help organize and tailor Road Trip to suit your congregation's particular needs.
    All material is on CD-Rom for you to print off as many copies as needed.

The Bible Set is in sections:

  1. Genesis Set (Old Testament part 1)
  2. Exodus through Exhile (Old Testament part 2)
  3. Gospels and the Gospel (New Testament part 1)
  4. Acts, Epistles, The End (New Testament part 2)

Road Trip- The Bible Set provides one year of quality, ready-to-go confirmation curriculum. Take your confirmation students on the most important ride of their life- to the center of the Christian faith with Road Trip. Use it with small groups, large groups, retreats, groups of churches, family confirmation, any way you want, Road Trip is the way to go.

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