From Jesus To Luther

From Jesus To Luther


Carl A. Volz, Professor of Church History at Luther Seminary, St. Paul.

A historical account of the development, struggles and progressions of the early church from the Ascension to just before the reformations of the church.

Textbook: The Story of Christianity, Volume I, Justo G. Gonzalez [Click here to purchase]
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  1. Beginnings: The Fullness of Time (49 min.)
  2. The First Great Preachers of the Faith (50 min.)
  3. Persecution and Piety (49 min.)
  4. Establishing the Faith of the Church (51 min.)
  5. Monasticism and the Fathers of the Church (50 min.)
  6. Early Missionary Movements (50 min.)
  7. The Church in Turmoil: West and East (50 min.)
  8. The Papacy and the Empire (51 min.)
  9. Struggles, Theological and Political (50 min.)
  10. Reforming Efforts Before the Reformation (52 min.)

Total Time: (8 hour 22 min.)

*Archival Series: vintage material of excellent content and varying technical quality

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