Good God Questions: Volume 2

Good God Questions: Volume 2


Sometimes questions about God are hard to ask and even harder to answer. Sometimes we get stuck at the questions and sometimes we stumble.


Presenters include:

Lois Malcolm, Associate Professor of Systematic Theology
Walter Sundberg, Professor of Church History
Janet Ramsey, Assoc. Professor of Congregational Care Leadership
Rolf Jacobson, Assistant Professor of Old Testament, Host


Join these brave souls from Luther Seminary who address Good God Questions with honesty and compassion. Join them as they tackle Good God Questions:

What is the Trinity? [15:41]
What about my child who is baptized but doesn't believe? [15:57]
What happens to us after death? [18:56]
What do we do with disturbing biblical passages? [17:49]
How do I know the Holy Spirit is active in my life? [15:00]

Media Type(s): Five video sessions on DVD with PDF study guide

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