Learning Luke: The Apostolic Gospel

Learning Luke: The Apostolic Gospel


Learning Luke: The Apostolic Gospel

Learning Luke explores the third gospel to learn how God calls the church into a new era of apostolic mission.


Your congregational groups, lay leadership program, and pastoral team will learn together as you seek a richer understanding of what Luke's whole story means to you, using as many of the twelve sessions as you choose. The sessions are designed to appreciate Luke's unique telling of the story of Jesus, to mark how deeply Luke's account is grounded in the scriptures of Israel, and to learn from the evangelist's conviction that God's Messiah is alive. Jesus turned his disciples (learners) into apostles to carry the word and work of his reign into the world God so loves. Learning Luke could have a similar effect for you.


One of the church's finest teachers, Dr. David Tiede, invites you to join a diverse team of laity and clergy in a lively learning venture. Dr. Tiede currently serves as the Bernhard M. Christensen Professor of Religion and Vocation at Augsburg College. He is known for his career as President and Professor of New Testament at Luther Seminary. He has taught and written extensively on Luke and Acts, including notes in study Bibles, SEARCH Bible Study, and his Luke commentary in the Augsburg Commentary series.


Included with the course is a CDROM  with a study guide and an MP3 file recording of the whole Gospel of Luke.  The study guide is written modularly so that it can be used for adult forums (a 1 hour format provided) or for more in depth study such as for a  pericope group.  The sessions are based on the 4-fold structure of:

  • Dwelling (in the Word)
  • Exploring (the Evangelist's story)
  • Searching (the scriptures)
  • Living (the Gospel truth)


There are also guidelines for breaking up the 12 session course so that you could use 4, 8, or all 12 sessions.The study guide includes instructions for a 1 hour session, including discussion time.
1. Caesar and Lord: Luke 1:1-2:20 (34:12 min.)
2. Prophecy and History: Luke 2:21-3:20 (26:27 min.)
3. Jesus goes Public: Luke 3:21-4:44 (24:48 min.)
4. Messiah and Prophet: Luke 5:1-7:50(23:38 min.)
5. Jesus Enacts Scripture: Luke 8:1-9:50 (20:18 min.)
6. Jesus is Determined: Luke 9:51-13:35 (22:47 min.)
7. Parables and Revelation: Luke 14:1-15:32 (22:50 min.)
8. Looking for Signs: Luke 16:1-18:17 (21:54 min.)
9. Sinners and Saints: Luke 18:18-19:47 (30:16 min.)
10. An Unholy Alliance: Luke 20:1-22:13 (31:57 min.)
11. The King of the Jews: Luke 22: 14-23:56 (25:21 min.)
12. Crucified and Raised: Luke 24: 1-53 (31:18 min.)


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