EarthBound: Created and Called to Care for Creation (DVD)

EarthBound: Created and Called to Care for Creation (DVD)


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It's a real problem, no matter your political stance. The earth is being damaged by human activity.


Christians have a complex relationship with God's creation. We have tangled up our concepts of dominion and stewardship. Many imagine eternal life means being whisked away to some other non-physical plane in the ether. In trying to be God-focused, Christians become heaven-focused, at the expense of our earthly home. Can Scripture and our own religious tradition help us rethink those relationships? Is there a model for care of the creation that doesn't force us to the polarized margins?


This cutting-edge series, filmed in high definition, takes Martin Luther's breakthrough understanding of Justification and Vocation and explodes it across God's magnificent creation. EarthBound is a journey beyond the rhetoric into God's rich and complex creation.


Discover the origins of our misconceptions about Scripture's portrayal of creation. Recognize God's call to us to relate to the whole creation as our vocation. And experience how God's people throughout the Church are living out that call.


This six-part series, hosted by David Rhoads, features Walter Brueggemann, Larry Rasmussen, Barbara Rossing, Terry Fretheim, Cynthia Moe-Lobeda and many others.


Episode 1. Created/Called (justified and free to serve the world)
Episode 2. Here/There (creation is earthly, material and good)
Episode 3. Domination/Dominion (above creation, or part of it?)
Episode 4. Me/We (identity in social context)
Episode 5. Now/Forever (short-term benefit, or eternal creation)
Episode 6. Enough/Too Much (scarcity and abundance)

Six 20-minute segments on two DVDs. Includes extensive study guide.

EarthBound Trailer from Seraphim Communications on Vimeo.

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