Anton Treuer Sessions 1-4

Anton Treuer Sessions 1-4


Dr. Anton Treuer (pronounced troy-er) is Professor of Ojibwa at Bemidji State University and author of 14 books, including Everything You Wanted to Know About Indians But Were Afraid to Ask.  His equity, education and cultural works has put him on a path of service throughout the region, country and the world.
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Session 1 The Anatomy of Oppression: The Doctrine of Discovery

Before the dawn of the agricultural age, human beings harvested food and one way or another placed their resources into a
common food cache.  Societies took resources from each according to ability and distributed them according to need. But after someone started locking up the food, we got oppression in many forms—slavery, feudalism, and colonization. The Doctrine of Discovery, developed by the Catholic Church, was a codification of the enabling philosophy for oppression; and it fused oppression dynamics and Christianity. Today,  Christian faith communities have repudiated the Doctrine of Discovery
and begun to explore the role of Christianity in the oppression of the indigenous peoples, with an eye on atonement, reconciliation, and living the best tenets of their faith. Come learn about the Doctrine of Discovery, oppression, dynamics, and lean in to the a healthy discussion about what healing really looks like.
Sessions 2-4 Supreme Law of the Land: Indian Treaties from the Revolution to Standing Rock

Native Americans are not just distinct cultural enclaves.  They are independent political identites with histories far older than the United States. What parts of the pre-contact sovereignty have remained? Which had changed?  What is a native nation? And what is the cultural tapestry in Indian country really like?   From the genesis of the American nation to the contemporary struggle at Standing Rock, let's take a deeper look at the first Americans to better understan the history of this place and inform our efforts to reconcile differences for the future generations. 

Follow Up:  Want to go deeper into Tribal Histoty and Language?  Try this.
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