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Select Learning provides access to quality theological learning experiences for personal, congregational and professional learning. Using outstanding seminary and college instructors and ministry practitioners, Select Learning combines high quality DVD-based video courses, customized study materials, proven textbooks,and online learning to create effective and flexible theological exploration opportunities. Select Learning is a member of the Lay School for Ministry Network of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA).

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How We Got the New Testament

Here is why you might be interested in learning more about How We Got the New Testament!



By What Authority: Rethinking Early Church History

Who is in and who is out?
How much diversity can we tolerate?
How do we fund our community?
Isn't it amazing how familiar these questions sound! These were some of the questions that needed to be answered in the first centuries of the church. Since Jesus didn't return as quickly as believers assumed, they had to figure out how to live as believers in their world. They ended up inventing the church. That the church is still alive after all these years is a testament to God’s faithfulness and patience, and gives us courage to wrestle with these and similar questions today.
We invite you to enter this series to see how the drama of the early church’s formation has direct connections to your life of faith today.
By What Authority: Rethinking Early Church History Trailer

Using Zoom with Select Learning Resources

Use Select Learning resources with Zoom
The ongoing COVID -19 pandermic has created a need to find alternate ways of meeting many needs including small group study in our congregations.  To help you with that process Select Learning created a user guide for using Zoom with our resources. (Other video conferencing platforms can also be used.)
CLICK HERE for the user guide.
Blessings on bringing people together!

Addressing the Opioid Crisis...

Knowledge to Power: Understanding and Overcoming Addiction
There is not one congregation and probably not one family that has not been affected tragically by the disease of addiction, whether that is by drugs, alcohol, tobacco, food, gambling, sex or computer/game/I-phone addiction.  There is now an understandable, yet comprehensive treatment of this problem in this DVD, "Knowledge to Power:  Understanding and Overcoming Addiction".  The presenter is Rev. Kal W. Rissman, who has worked with addictions his entire career as addiction counselor, nicotine dependency counselor, hospital chaplain and parish pastor.  The series is comprised of 21 sessions of about 18 minutes each on everything from the disease to codependency to intervention and to the role of religion in recovery.  This resource includes a study guide with synopsis of each topic and discussion questions. 
DVD format
Streaming format
FREE session on nicotine addiction.

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About Select Learning

Select Learning has been providing faith-based learning resources since 1984. Since its beginning, we have made some of the finest teachers of the church available to rostered ministers and leaders of congregational ministries. Our courses are also being used in congregational learning programs for young adults and adults.

People want to make a difference in their world. Our resources can help you put faith into practice in your life.

Opportunities are available on DVDs that are accompanied by reprintable study guides. The DVDs and study guides are being used by thousands of volunteer teachers in thousands of congregational settings.

Learners can also participate in regularly scheduled online courses. These courses combine the use of presentations on DVD and interaction with a group of online learners. All online courses are led by trained course facilitators.

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