Introduction to Islam: Dialogical Overview for 21st C Christians

Introduction to Islam: Dialogical Overview for 21st C Christians


Harold Vogelaar, Visiting Professor of World Religion at Lutheran School of Theology, Chicago, IL, and other top scholars of the Islamic faith share basic beliefs, and practices of Islam, and the historic and current relationship between Christians and Muslims. Students will gain two important perspectives from this program.  First, they will get a solid overview and deeper understanding of the religion of Islam.  Secondly, they will gain a new appreciation of the relationship between Christianity and Islam, including possibilities for hope and dialog in the post-September 11 era. Each of the 8 sections is 18-20 minutes in length.

Disc 1:
1. Introduction: A Framework for Christian/Muslim Dialogue
     (Presenter: Harold Vogelaar)
2. The History of Islam (Presenter: Fred Donner)
3. The Faith & Practice of Islam (Presenter: Ghulam Haider Aasi)
4. The Authority of the Qu'ran (Presenter: Ghulam Haider Aasi)
    About Harold Vogelaar
    About Fred Donner
    About Ghulam Haider Aasi

Disc 2:
5. History of Islam in America (Presenter: Ayesha Mustafaa)
6. Sufism: Muslim Spirituality (Presenter: Laleh Bakhtiar)
7. Equipping The Church for Dialogue with Islam
    (Presenter: Mark Thomsen)
8. Roundtable Discussion: Points of Stress, Signs of Hope
    (All Presenters)
    About Ayesha Mustafaa
    About Laleh Bakhtiar
    About Mark Thomsen

Textbook: God is One: The Way of Islam, R. Marston Speight [Click here to purchase]

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