Introduction to Islam

Introduction to Islam


Harold Vogelaar, Visiting Professor of World Religion at Lutheran School of Theology, Chicago. He has also served as a missionary in the Middle East for 26 years.

Various representatives from Islam participate in the presentation of this course. (Eight sessions)

Textbook: God is One, Marston Speight

1. No god but God: Islam's roots in the Bible (37 min.)

2. Muhammed, the messenger of God (38 min.)

3. The Qur'an, the Final Revelation (37 min.)

4. Islam as the Primal Religion (42 min.)

5. The Spiritual Journey (37 min.)

6. Expansion of Islam: Encounter and clashes (29 min.)

7. Islam in the Twentieth century (38 min.)

8. Islam in America (38 min.)

Total Time (4 hour 56 min.)

I Disc DVD Series and Study Guide Only: $60
Textbook Only: $10
Complete Package: $68

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