Faith Out Loud: Talking about What Matters Most (streaming)

Faith Out Loud: Talking about What Matters Most (streaming)


Faith Out Loud: Talking About What Matters Most
(This product is in streaming format. If you prefer a DVD click here.)
Me? Talk about my faith? This video offers hope for us tongue-tied Christians to identify the fact that we have a faith story and we have words for our experience of God.
Listen in on authentic and humble conversations as people were asked to talk about...

  • your favorite passage in the Bible [11:03]
  • a time of suffering in which God made a difference [9:19]
  • how God makes a difference in your daily life [11:25]
  • an idea of God that you find meaningful [10:29]
  • a person who made a difference in your faith [11:01]
  • a time when you experienced grace [9:12]
  • a time when God's people came through for you [9:42]
  • a time when you were surprised by God [11:27]
  • how God came alive in your life [11:41]
  • a time when God felt present [9:23]
  • a time when God felt absent [10:04]

These eleven 10-minute video programs can be watched in any order, and serve to spark discussion-and give permission- to talk about our FAITH OUT LOUD.
CLICK HERE to print or download the study guide.

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