Preaching the Old Testament (Oct. 2007)

Preaching the Old Testament (Oct. 2007)


Why do we preach on the Old Testament less frequently than the New? What discourages us from drawing on its riches for our task of proclamation? The Old Testament needs to be shared from the pulpit, for it is a vital piece of the story that tells us who we are and who God is.

Join OT professors Fred Gaiser and Rolf Jacobson in conversation with homiletics professors David Lose and Carol Miles as they explore this topic of preaching the Old Testament and offer sermons from this rich part of Scripture.
Teaching Comments:
David Lose, Carol Miles, Rolf Jacobson, Fred Gaiser

   1. Introductory Conversation
   2. Old Testament Stories
   3. Relationship Between Old and New Testaments


   4. Rolf Jacobson (Psalm 137)
   5. Carol Miles (Esther 1)
   6. David Lose (Genesis 32:22-31)
   7. Fred Gaiser (Isaiah 46:1-4)
   8. Closing Comments

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