Final Paper Reading

Final Paper Reading


For those who need a Certificate of Completion for Select Learning courses and need a reader for their paper, please purchase 'Final Paper Reading'. (If you are taking an online course the final paper reading is included in the cost of the course.)


Send the final paper to Select Learning, Director of Courses, Jodi Hanson, at

  • Put "Select Final Paper" in the email subject line

  • include at the head of your paper: your name; the class title; the class date (e.g. Spring 2009); and your email address

  • list the reason for taking the course:  Personal Growth, Deacon candidate (entered candidacy under Associate in Ministry roster), Parish Ministry Associate program ( list synod), Deaconess formation, Theological Education for Emerging Ministries (TEEM), Youth Ministry Network contintuing education, Lutheran Outdoors standards...)

A certificate of completion will be issued by Select Learning after the paper has been read and approved.

If you are a candidate  or in a certificate program, send a copy of your certificate and your final paper and comments to the appropriate contact for your program of development.

Click here for downloadable guidelines.

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