Online Course Schedule

The general yearly schedule for online courses follows. Some courses, such as Money Leadership and Teaching the Bible, Hosting the Conversation, are scheduled at a variety of times. Click here for current registrations.

Winter (February - May)

* Introduction to the Old Testament
* Systematic Theology: Fundamentals of Christian Theology
* Foundations of Biblical Preaching

Fall (September - December)

* Introduction to the New Testament
* Getting Down to Basics: Augsburg Confessions and Small Catechism


*As needed

Hosted as Needed

* From Jesus to Luther
* The American Religious Experience
* Lutheran Heritage (Combining the resources Reformation Roots and "We Must Plant the Church": The Story of Lutherans In America)
* Ethics in Lutheran Perspective

Online courses are designed for distributed learning for lay people and rostered ministers. Whether you are looking for continuing education, education for certification in your synod or the ELCA you don't need to go it alone---or even create your own class group. Select Learning knows that people learn better when they are supported and enriched by other learners and a facilitator. By combining the proven effectiveness of the Select Learning video courses with an online community of students and facilitator, anyone who has access to the internet can participate in a unique and gratifying educational experience. Courses from Select Learning's catalog will be used and enhanced with online learning components and a qualified facilitator will host the online learning.

Select Learning online courses are designed for:

* Continuing Education
* some Synodically Authorized Ministry programs and, where approved, TEEM programs (ELCA)
* personal growth

1. Join other learners in a website classroom for weekly assignments, discussions, and readings, along with the lectures on DVD.
2. Participate from any computer that has internet access.
3. The class facilitator will offer response to your work, suggest additional resources, and be available for occasional email exchange.
4. Click here to register for a course.

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