Online Courses

Whether you're looking for personal or professional development, you don't need to go it alone. Select Learning knows that people learn better when they are enriched by other learners and supported by a facilitator. Therefore Select Learning provides online courses to help you reach your goals.

The components of online courses are video presentations, textbooks, and online discussions guided by a teacher. These courses are designed to inform, clarify, enlighten and influence the mind, build supportive relationships among persons in the study group, and begin a process of integrating the new learning into daily life.

The general yearly schedule for online courses follows. Some courses, such as Money Leadership and Teaching the Bible, Hosting the Conversation, are scheduled at a variety of times.


    * Introduction to the New Testament
    * Getting Down to Basics: Augsburg Confessions and Small Catechism


    * Introduction to the Old Testament
    * Systematic Theology: Fundamentals of Christian Theology
    * Foundations of Biblical Preaching


Hosted as needed:

    * From Jesus to Luther
    * The American Religious Experience

    * Ethics in Lutheran Perspective
    *Lutheran Heritage (Combining the resources Reformation Roots and "We Must Plant the Church": The Story of Lutherans in America.)


NOTE: To register for these courses, please purchase online as you would a normal product. Also note that video and textbook materials may be required. Please see the individual course descriptions for details.

Class withdrawal policy

If a student withdraws from an online course (s)he will receive:

1. a full refund of the registration fee  in the 1st week of class.
2. 1/2 refund of the registration fee in the 2nd-3rd week of class.
3. no refund after the 3rd week.

If you have questions about online courses contact Jodi Hanson at

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