How do online courses work?

Select Learning online courses use a blended model of learning methods. Participants view the lectures via DVD or streaming, read assigned textbooks and articles, and participate in discussion in written form online. There is a video conference call orientation before the sessions start that provides the opportunity for

  • verbal introductions,
  • instructions about the class website,
  • and a learning covenant between the members of the class.

The courses generally follow this weekly pattern:

Sometime Friday-Monday of each week

  • read the assigned readings
  • watch the lectures on DVD
  • post your discussion essay by Monday evening


  • respond to at least 2 of your classmates essays (respond first to those with no responses or the fewest responses)
  • prepare for the key question essay


  • post to the key question essay
  • Respond to at least 2 people

Variation: In 2 sessions instead of the second essay, there will be a video discussion hour. 

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