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I thoroughly enjoyed taking these two courses which covered the Augsburg Confession and Luther's Small and Large Catechism. Although I thought I had a fairly good handle on Lutheran theology, I was surprised by many new and interesting ideas, and by the difference that these understandings have had on my ministry. I am sure that I will use the learning from these classes to help me minister more effectively as an Associate in Ministry, and I am appreciative of the depth and breadth that they have brought to my understanding of what it means to be a Lutheran Christian.
I would also be interested in continuing to study scripture and pastoral care with the Confession and Catechisms in mind. My only disappointment was being so busy in my personal life that I felt I had to rush through the materials. I am grateful to have the materials to return to in the future to review at my leisure. Studying with a group and with Professor Ruge-Jones as the facilitator was a wonderful experience, and I found it helpful to have fellow travelers on the journey. It was also great to study with others who feel a similar call and roster! Thank you so much for this tremendous opportunity.
Leah Emerson, Laguna Niguel, CA


Systematic Theology
I have loved this class!  The opportunity to see the teaching from professors of several of our seminaries and the experience of sharing the class with students from several states, seeing the depth of their faith and what has brought them to this time and place, and seeing the theological reflections we have found ourselves engaged in has been so rewarding and has served to deepen my faith and inspire me to further my theological reflection.
Thank you again.  
Deno Sorrels, Greenville, MI


I really enjoyed the class and felt the challenge.  It built confidence.  I look forward to taking another class in the future.  Thanks for this wonderful on-line opportunity. 
Mary Howe, Kirkland, IL


Select courses have provided me with an avenue of study to meet the requirements for my AIM program without traveling great distances.  This has been a wonderful opportunity to study with other students from all across the country and Canada.  I have met students from huge churches as well as small country parishes.  By sharing our common experiences we also learn what is going on in other parts of the ELCA as well as other denominations..  Living in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas this has been a stimulating and exciting way to learn.  Thanks to Select Learning I am almost finished with my required studies.
Janet West, McAllen TX


Thanks for everything! This was my first on-line class and I felt it was a tremendous learning experience for me. I enjoyed every aspect of the class (well some of the question were very challenging!)  I have grown so much from this class, in so many ways. Dr. Pickett was very accessible and responsive to all my questions and emails. All three professors did an excellent job.
Thank you for this great class.
Dennis Probst, West Virginia


The Introduction to the Old Testament was my first online Select course.  It far surpassed my expectations! The provocative lectures provided a wealth of information and insights, the readings were pertinent, yet accessible and the reflective exchanges with classmates were interesting and stretching. The learning was meaningful to my personal and spiritual life and will be invaluable in my journey of faith.
Susan Wold Rohde, Sioux Falls SD


I have always enjoyed taking Select Learning online courses.  I find that the courses are always properly paced for the adult learner (who has other responsibilities in his/her life other than being a student!).  Challenging enough without being overwhelming.  And always stimulating.  I have also appreciated the variety of courses offered.
You haven't seen the end of me yet!  I would like to continue to use Select Learning courses for future adult Sunday School classes. I will keep checking for relevant courses as the years progress.
Judy Whaley, Prince Rupert, British Columbia


Select Learning  online classes have been no less than a miracle in my life.  Select classes have allowed me to "grow in knowledge of God" (Colossians  1:10b) that I might be equipped to serve God and God's people.  Select classes provide freedom to enroll in challenging, quality courses that bring a student in touch with a classroom as big as the world without leaving your own home.  Being on the "on-line campus" provides wonderful opportunities to learn and study in the familiar environment of home and at the same time brings varied resources of fellow students and professors from around the world right to your door step.  Select has helped me to move forward in my education.  I have not had to move to a different community to take courses.  I have not had to sacrifice family time and commitment by being separated to take these classes.  I have not had to be absent from my work which would be a financial burden on my family if I were to take a leave of absence.  I am able to respond to the call that is within me in a positive way and it is all because of Select Learning classes.  They are a gift to me and I am forever grateful.
Vicki Marthaler, Detroit Lakes, MN


The availability of Select Learning online courses has been of great value to our family while my spouse is attending Seminary.   The wide variety of courses taught by some of the leading scholars in the ELCA has allowed me to build my understanding of scripture and Lutheran doctrine.  This growth is both in an academic and spiritual sense.  In this regard, even though seperated by more than 1500 miles, we are growing together so that we may serve in a complimentary fashion wherever the Lord calls us.  Select Learning has been a critical component in that process. 
Rick Rutten, Poplar, WI

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