LSM 2020-2021

The continuing education program of the Northwest Synod of WI, ELCA.

Biblical Welcome and Sojourning Saints:
Living into the 2019 ELCA Church Wide Assembly Decisions and Commemorations


Karen González

Justice, Compassion, and Truth in the Immigration Conversation

Writer, Speaker, Immigrant Advocate
Author of The God Who Sees

Javier Alanis

Immigration & the Image of Diosito/God, the Beloved: a Southwestern Perspective

Director/Associate Professor of Theology, Lutheran Seminary Program in the Southwest

Author of Dignity for the Foreigner: The Imago Dei from a Latino Lutheran Perspective

Richard Ward

Just Jesus or A Just Jesus: the Politics of Following Jesus

Professor of Homiletics and Worship at Phillips Theological Seminary

Author of Speaking of the Heart, and Speaking of the Holy

Aubrey Thronvold

Co-Creating a World without Outcasts, 10 Years Later

Executive Director of ReconcilingWorks

"ReconcilingWorks embodies, inspires, advocates &
organizes for the acceptance and full participation of people of all sexual orientations, gender identities, & gender expressions within the Lutheran communion..."

Mary Campbell with the AMMPARO Team

Being a Sanctuary Denomination

Program Director of AMMPARO

"AMMPARO is a holistic, whole church commitment by the ELCA, as a church in the world,
to accompany children today and in the future."

Michael Chan

Welcoming the Stranger: Legal and Prophet Witness from the Old Testament

Assistant Professor of Old Testament, Luther Seminary
Author of The City on a Hill and co-author of Exploring the Bible

Ralston Deffenbaugh

Lutheran Legal, Ethical, & Historical Work Accompanying Refuges & Migrants

Lutheran World Federation’s Asst. General Secretary for International Affairs & Human Rights

Past Director of Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services

Co-author of They Are Us: Lutherans and Immigration

Julia Dinsmore

My Name is Not "Those People", It is Child of God: Abolishing Economic Injustice

Poverty abolitionist, writer, singer-songwriter

Author of My Name is Child of God

Tuhina Verma Rasche

Christian Hospitality in an Inter-Religious, Authentically Diverse World

Activist, artist, (un)intended disruptor

Blogger at and

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