Foundations of Biblical Preaching

Foundations of Biblical Preaching


Foundations of Biblical Preaching
Orientation conference call Thursday Jan. 30 at 8:30 PM Central Time
Class sessions Jan. 31 - April 16, 2020 Online Facilitator:  Pr. Lori Ruge-Jones


Required Textbooks (Ordered separately from course registration. The following links will take you to Amazon. with the exception of the Lutheran Study Bible.)
Thomas G. Long, The Witness of Preaching
Barbara Brown Taylor, Preaching Life
NRSV Bible: Lutheran Study Bible (Augsburg Publishing) or Kindle edition of Harper Bibles NRSV

Select Learning online courses provide wonderful input and support. This course was developed by Dr. David Lose and Dr. Karoline Lewis at Luther Seminary. The lectures for this course are video streamed inside the course along with audio streaming of sermons for each session. The facilitator for this course, Pr. Lori Ruge-Jones serves as pastor to campus and congregation at University Lutheran Church in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Together with her partner Phil and her children, she enjoys teaching and performing Biblical stories by heart.


 Access to the course website and orientation information will be available a few days before the orientation week of  the class.

This course introduces the fundamentals of preaching with a goal toward developing in students the capacity for transformative proclamation for the sake of the life and mission of the church. With close attention given to biblical exegesis; theology; the sermon's language, imagery, and design; and the basics of effective delivery, this course helps students develop interpretive, theological, homiletical, and practical disciplines that will inform and shape their preaching and lay the groundwork for lifelong learning and improvement.

Session 1:  Why Preach?
Session 2: Preaching & the Word of God
Session 3: Engaging the Biblical Text
Session 4: Telling the Truth Twice: Preaching Law & Gospel
Session 5: Focus & Function
Session 6: Sermon Design
Session 7: The Sanctified Imagination
Session 8: Openings and Closings
Session 9: The Contexts of Our Preaching
Session 10: Delivery

Support Material: Preaching the Old Testament
Support Material: Preaching Biblical Genres
Support Material: Preaching & Worship

During the course each student will preach 2 sermons in their home context.


 Click here for syllabus.

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