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2017-18 LSM Cont Ed Faculty/Topics
We have repudiated the Doctrine of Discovery.
Now what?
Two years ago, the Lay School Board (LSM) began planning our continuing education theme for the 2017-18 academic year.
“We Repudiated the Doctrine of Discovery. What's Next?” Our synod (made up of 199 congregations) was one of the 18 synods that passed this resolution and memorialized the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) to do the same
this August, which it did! It is one thing to pass a resolution. It is another thing altogether to live into it.

Our LSM board is taking the four resolves of this assembly resolution seriously (they call for study and engagement). We are planning an entire year of work, led by American Indian and other scholars, including time spent in American Indian nations in our synod listening to elders. Representatives of the LSM board, and members of our synod’s SWO Racial Justice Advocates, went to Chicago to meet at our church-wide office with Gordon Straw, Prairie Rose Seminole and Inez Torres Davis. Our goal was to map out what 9 sessions, 6 hours each, would look like. We wanted to hear from the three of them what should be covered and how it should be experienced.
September 8/9 - Session 1: Doctrine of Discovery/history of colonization in the world and role of the church.
Dr. Anton Treuer (pronounced troy-er) is Professor of Ojibwa at Bemidji State University and authour of 14 books, including Everytihng You Wanted to Know About Indians But Were Afraid to Ask.  His equity, educaton and cultural works has put him on a path of service throughout the region, country and the world.
Session 1 The Anatomy of Oppression: The Doctrine of Discovery
Session 2 Supreme Law of the Land: Indian Treaties from the Revolution to Standing Rock

October 13/14 - Session 2: Biblical and Confessional basis from which all of these conversations flow – why this is not optional for Lutherans!
The Rev. Dr. R. Guy Erwin
was elected bishop of the Southwest California Synod in 2013. He is the first Native American to be elected bishop in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America as well as the first openly gay person to serve as an ELCA bishop. Bishop Erwin is a member of the Osage Nation. After earning a PhD from Yale University, he was Lecturer in Church History in the Yale Divinity School (YDS) where he taught History of Western Christianity as well as courses on Martin Luther, the Pietists and other specialties. He taught at California Lutheran University from 2000 until his election as bishop.

November 10/11 - Session 3: History of the Indian Nations of Wisconsin, Act 31, the view from a Wisconsin public school classroom & stories of real interaction with tribes – Jeff Ryan

December 8/9 - Session 4: History of Federal Law relating to Native Americans (which of course includes Treaties), including conversation about whatever is current on this topic, like Standing Rock is now – with Gordon Straw: “The Nations Within: The Legal Context for Ministry Within Tribal Communities”
January 12/13 & February 9/10 - Sessions 5 & 6: White privilege/racial justice training. Karen Ressel, Pine Ridge
Reservation. Karen will also share personal stories from her work at Pine Ridge and Africa.


March 9/10 & April 13/14 - Sessions 7 & 8: Field Trips to different reservations in our synod. (Small groups divided by conference clusters.

May 11/12 - Session 9: Review, Wrap-up and Planning for the future.  Prairie Rose Seminole.

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