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Scan was a nationally syndicated radio program aired in the U.S. and around the world from 1975 to 1991. This program features first person stories of individuals who share their lived out wisdom. Scan in its original broadcast form used progressive rock music to amplify and support the stories. However, due to the expense of music licensing, these stories have been remixed using copyright free music.
The stories featured on Scan Remixed point to God’s activity in the world, creating hope, health, healing, justice, peace and growth. God’s work in our lives is often hidden and when we begin to remember those moments of insight, healing and growth, we can see God at work. Scan Remixed, like NPR’s “Story Core” and “This American Life”, uses first person narrative to carry the content and the listener can listen for those themes that illuminate God’s activity.


Dr. Gus Nelson, Humanizing Medicine

Dr. Gus Nelson teaches in a medical school and is attempting to encourage the humanizing of medicine.


Eddie, Former New York City Fireman

Eddie, a former NYC Fireman experienced threats at the hands of the people he served in New York, like death traps set for responding fire fighters.  He has worked hard to overcome the hate and resentment.


Dr. Fred Flach, Keys to Mental and Emotional Health

Psychologist Frederick Flach has discovered some keys to mental and emotional health from his own practice and the mental illness suffered by his own daughter.


Dr. Paul Perasal, Health Beyond Medicine

Dr.  Paul Pearsal  debunks many myths about causing one’s own illness but also suggests that health is more than medicine.


David, Getting Close

David had trouble getting close to people. He struggled for many years feeling disconnected until he learned some valuable lessons in trust and intimacy.


Bob, Finding Himself

Bob grew up in a comfortable setting but found it empty of meaning. He decided to carve his own path that included drugs and endless searching. After treatment he found his authentic self.


Carolyn Koons, Adoptive Mother with Shared Pain

Carolyn grew up in a very abusive household and then as a single person, found and adopted a child who was in a Mexican prison. She discovered that the damage done to him at an early age matched her childhood pain, but together they found redemption


Chuck Colson, Prison and Personal Reform

The late Chuck Colson was convicted and imprisoned for his role in the Watergate conspiracy. He experienced a conversion while in prison and upon his release became active in the prison reform movement. He talks about his faith and his work.


Jean Houston, The Possible Human

Jean Houston is a scholar, lecturer, author, mind researcher and philosopher. She believes that humans have yet to achieve their God –given potential.


Calvin Alexander, Precious Water

Calvin is a hydrologist who describes the threats to safe drinking water on the globe and the implications for health  and safety.



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