Scan Remixed

Scan was a nationally syndicated radio program aired in the U.S. and around the world from 1975 to 1991. This program features first person stories of individuals who share their lived out wisdom. Scan in its original broadcast form used progressive rock music to amplify and support the stories. However, due to the expense of music licensing, these stories have been remixed using copyright free music.
The stories featured on Scan Remixed point to God’s activity in the world, creating hope, health, healing, justice, peace and growth. God’s work in our lives is often hidden and when we begin to remember those moments of insight, healing and growth, we can see God at work. Scan Remixed, like NPR’s “Story Corp” and “This American Life”, uses first person narrative to carry the content and the listener can listen for those themes that illuminate God’s activity.


Robert Veninga, The Loss of a Friend

Robert lost a very close friend and in dealing with this loss uncovered the many reasons for grieving.


Rachael Easton, Alcoholism as a Family Disease

Rachael Easton is a counselor who works with families affected by the disease of alcoholism. She helps us to understand how the family system  responds to this disease.


Viginia Satir, Fully Human

The late Virginia Satir, well-known psychotherapist and author describes what it takes to be fully human.


Otis Woodard, Feeding the Hungry

Otis Woodard, former civil rights worker, experienced hunger and promised that if he ever had food he would share it. He distributes over 5,000 pounds of food a day in impoverished North St. Louis.


Racehoss, Part Two

Albert Sample was sent to isolation many times but there he inexplicably met a loving God who understood his pain. When he was released from prison, he worked in the justice system.


Racehoss, Part One

Albert Sample, born to a prostitute had to survive on his own from an early age. At a prison farm he earned the reputation of a hardened criminal and a fast cotton chopper, thus the name Racehoss.


Peter, Prison Reform

Peter is a lawyer who was imprisoned for fraud. He details his prison experience and what he has learned about himself and about the need for prison reform.


Pete Seeger, Music and Social Activism

Pete Seeger is a legend and his influence is immeasurable. Pete tells his life story and the role music has played in his social activism.


Jack Flagler, The Meaning of Work

Jack Flagler was a steel worker who has since been active in the labor movement and in the question of the meaning of work. He proposes a way to do work that can restore meaning and purpose


Arlene, A Victim of Incest

Arlene was sexually abused by several members of her adoptive family. It affected her relationships into older adulthood until she acknowledged the secret she held.



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