Addressing the Opioid Crisis...

Knowledge to Power: Understanding and Overcoming Addiction
There is not one congregation and probably not one family that has not been affected tragically by the disease of addiction, whether that is by drugs, alcohol, tobacco, food, gambling, sex or computer/game/I-phone addiction.  There is now an understandable, yet comprehensive treatment of this problem in this DVD, "Knowledge to Power:  Understanding and Overcoming Addiction".  The presenter is Rev. Kal W. Rissman, who has worked with addictions his entire career as addiction counselor, nicotine dependency counselor, hospital chaplain and parish pastor.  The series is comprised of 21 sessions of about 18 minutes each on everything from the disease to codependency to intervention and to the role of religion in recovery.  This resource includes a study guide with synopsis of each topic and discussion questions. 
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FREE session on nicotine addiction.

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