LSM 2018-2019

2018-2019 LSM Continuing Education 

Biblical Lenses Matter
Dr. Mark Allan Powell, Trinity Lutheran Seminary
I will introduce the basic topic of "How Social Location (and Other Factors--including, apparently, genetic ones) Determine Comprehension"--with numerous examples, mainly from the Bible.
Dr. Mark Vitalis Hoffman, United Lutheran Seminary
Reading the New Testament through the lens of the Old Testament and a geographical lens. Place matters.
Dr. David Anderson, Milestones Ministry
Family and Household Eye Glasses - as compared to typical U.S. individualism.
Dr. Corrine Carvalho, University of Thomas
"What Video Games and the Nones Have to Teach Us about the Old Testament."
Rev. Lori Ruge-Jones and Dr. Phil Ruge-Jones, Synod Pastors
Hearing Scripture (Orality) and Reading Through our Own Biographical Story
Dr. Diane Jacobson and Anna Marsh, Professor Emeritus Luther Seminary
Food and Drink in Scripture
Dr. Kristin Wendland, Wartburg College
Reading What is Hidden
Dr. Charlene Cox, UW-Oshkosh
"Engaging the Living Word: The Text, Narrative Identity, and Spiritual Formation"
Dr. Mercedes Garcia Bachmann, Lutheran Chuch in Argentina
Global South lens; Latin Americcan Liberation Theology lens; sociopolitical reading of the Bible

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