Final Paper Guidelines

Students should keep in mind as they prepare and respond to discussion questions that these are stepping stones for a final paper. Students who are Associate in Ministry candidates or taking the course for any other certification will need to write a 10-page reflection paper.  An overview of the candidacy process for Associates in Ministry is available at Section C is for Associate in Ministries (beginning on page 47 of the pdf file). A description of the academic requirements, including the use of Select Learning material, can be found on pages 3-4 of Section C. Section C-7 of this same document gives specific information about the ways in which Associate in Ministry candidates can use Select Learning material.

Participants who use Select Learning courses to meet ELCA candidacy requirements for academic preparation or for other certification processes, must write a paper for each course. In this paper the participant must be able to articulate an understanding and integration of the course material including the lectures, reading and discussion. The participant should use the following questions to guide preparation of the paper:

   1. What are the key ideas of the course? Which were most significant, provocative or challenging for you? With which of the key ideas and concepts did you agree, disagree or struggle?
   2. What impact has this course had? How might it have relevance for your life? How might it affect your ministry?
   3. As you complete this course, about what are you interested in knowing more?
   4. What was missing from this course? What do you wish had been included to make it an even richer learning experience?

The paper should be about 10 pages in length, double-spaced. Upon completion, the reflection paper is submitted for approval in the following manner:

   1. have your Synod Candidacy Committee designate someone to read and approve the paper, and to notify the Director of Select Learning courses by email ( of the approval, or
   2. when you take the course online, have the course facilitator be the reader.

Turn the paper in within 2 weeks of the completion of the course. Please email it to your course facilitator.

  • put "Select Learning Final Paper" in the email subject line
  •  include at the head of your paper: your name; the class title; the class date (e.g. Spring 2007); and your email address or

   3. buy the 'Final Paper Reading' on and send the final paper to the Select Learning Director of Courses, Jodi Hanson, at

    * put "Select Learning Final Paper" in the email subject line
    * include at the head of your paper: your name; the class title; the class date (e.g. Spring 2010); and your email address
    * list the reason for taking the course: Personal Growth, Associate in Ministry candidate, Parish Ministry Associate program (and list synod), Deaconess formation, Lutheran Outdoors standards,...

A Certificate of Completion will be issued by Select Learning after the paper has been approved.

If you are a candidate for Associate in Ministry or in a certificate program, send a copy of your certificate and your final paper and comments to the appropriate contact for your program of development.

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